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Sailwell Yachting Services gives you a feeling of comfort and peace of mind on board. The support we provide on the technical and logistical front means you are free to focus on your yachting experience to the full. Our team of experts sees to it that you can always sleep soundly.

Having a yacht of your own is the ultimate form of freedom, and our mission is to enable our customers to derive as much enjoyment as possible from their yachting without having to worry about anything else. Our technical knowledge and experience guarantee that every yacht under our care is always in tip-top condition, meaning it is ready to sail at any time and you can enjoy your sailing to the full.

Sailwell Yachting Services takes care of all aspects relating to your sailing yacht: maintenance, checks in stormy weather, repairs, checks & inspections, caretaking, monitoring of the technical equipment and fittings, and valet services. To meet all requirements, we offer various all-round service packages and extra bespoke services customised to the yachtsman’s wishes. Every service can also be booked individually.

To provide you with as comprehensive and effective a service as possible, we are operational in ports in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, as well as elsewhere.

Thanks to Sailwell Yachting Services, we always navigate without worry!

Mathias Dhondt
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The man behind Sailwell Yachting Services is an engineer in Maritime Sciences with many years’ experience in the maritime world under his belt, including more than 20 years’ work as a volunteer in the Search & Rescue team on the Belgian coast. With an experienced team at his side, commanding knowledge of all kinds of sailing yachts and motor yachts, your vessel will always be in good hands.

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