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What wind force has to be reached to prompt you to make an on-site visit to secure the yacht? Do you go back again afterwards?

Sailwell Yachting Services constantly monitors the weather forecasts, and if they report force 9 on the Beaufort scale, we carry out a site visit to check up on your yacht. When the storm has died down we carry out another check-up in any case. After every check you receive a report with photos to illustrate the situation before and after the spell of bad weather.

Do you also provide services in ports other than those mentioned on your website?

Yes, we certainly do. On request we also provide services in other marinas. Please contact us in advance in these cases, and we will make every endeavour to be of service to you at the location you want.

Can a general cleaning be done after our yacht has been in winter storage?

Indeed it can. A package for the hull and engine room and a package for thorough cleaning (exterior and/or interior) are ideally suited for this.

What cleaning products do you use?

We always use high-quality products that are also environmentally sound.

Can you clean and polish our yacht, including the hull and propellers?

We certainly can. For this we first make an appointment in order to take a look at the yacht. You then receive a noncommittal customised quote from us within 24 hours.

If I book a Gold caretaking package on a monthly basis, is the Bronze caretaking package incorporated in it implemented fortnightly or monthly?

The Bronze caretaking package is always carried out fortnightly, even when you book a Silver, Gold or Platinum caretaking package on a monthly basis.

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